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World conference on culture in Stockholm
30 March - 2 April 1998

ECA's comments to items on the agenda of the UNESCO conference in Stockholm
on Cultural Policies for Development

ECA functions as an interdisciplinary umbrella organisation for cooperation between the professional artists and their associations in Europe. There are p.t. 23 member countries.

The purpose of ECA is to develop the cultural space within society by enhancing the role of the arts and the professional artists within Europe. There will be a special focus on the policies of the European Communities and the Council of Europe. ECA works for the interests of professional artists in political, economic, legal and social contexts and function as a dialogue and service partner with the political institutions of Europe.

ECA has during the past years arranged a number of roundtables and conferences on European level, and was formally founded in 1995 at the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

ECA is financially supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the EU-commission a

For further information contact ECA office in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Address: Amagertorv 13, 3, 1160 Copenhagen K
Tel. + 45 - 33 32 82 92
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