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Industrigatan 2A, 10tr 112 46 Stockholm
Telefon: +46(0)8 - 667 88 90, Telefax: +46(0)8 - 667 88 11
e-post: council@klys.se, webb: www.klys.se

Industrigatan 2A, 10tr
112 46 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)8 667 88 90

+ 46 (0)8 667 88 11

Overall guidelines for KLYS´activities

The legal process on commercial breaks in films

In November 2004 the two Swedish filmmakers, Mr Vilgot Sjöman and Mr Claes Eriksson, with the support from KLYS, went to court to try if TV4 has infringed their moral rights to their films by inserting advertisement interruptions in their films.

Welcome to KLYS - The Swedish Joint Committée for Artistic and Literary Professionals - an umbrella for 18 artist organisations representing about 30 000 individual members. Our main task is to protect the importance of culture in society, to work for better access to culture and to safeguard the artists´ right to fair compensation for their work.

2011-09-30 Response of the Nordic Council of Artists  On the Public Consultation on State Aid for Films and Other Audiovisual

2010-11-05 Response of KLYS and Copyswede to the public consultation on the future of electronic commerce in the internal market and the implementation of the Directive on Electronic commerce (2000/31/EC)

2010-01-07 Response of KLYS and Copyswede to the EU Commission Reflection document Creative Content in a European Digital Single Market