31 march - 2 april 1998


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Conference Papers

(April 9, 1998)

Main Subject
C - The role of culture in areas of conflict
T - The impact of new technology on the development of culture
E - The economical status of the artist
Author Headline Subject Country Profession
Homero Aridjis Survival of Indigenous Cultures in Mexico C     Mexico Writer
Eran Baniel "Go hence, to have more talks of these sad things" C     Israel Theatre
Bente Christensen The Economical status of the Writers
the Norwegian situation
    E Norway Translator
Peter Curman Opening Speech       Sweden Poet
Peter Curman The Digital Revolution or how to Give New Life to Gutenberg!   T   Sweden Poet
Manana Dumbatze Manifesto - "Georgian Culture is up to despair"       Georgia Poet
Sezer Duru Not Wars but Cultures Should Spark one Another C     Turkey Writer, Transl.
Jon Eldar Einejord The situation of the Samis C     SameLand Principal
Izzat Ghazzawi The role of Culture in Areas of Conflict C     Palestine Writer
Zhang Jian Zhong Contemporary Chinese Art in the World Cultural Scene     E China Art
Bernt Lindberg What is culture today?
What can it be tomorrow?
      Sweden Art
Mihail-Cristian Lotreanu The Romanian Art Labour Market and the European Union Security     E Romania Art
Sigurdur A. Magnusson A Persistent Dilemma     E Iceland Writer
Niki Marangou A layer of sand C     Cyprus Poet, Art
Vytautas Martinkus Paradoxes of Lithuanian Arts and Culture     E Lithuania Eca
Sami Michael The wish of the three profets C     Israel Writer
Sarwat Mohiuddin The role of Culture in areas of conflict C     Pakistan Poet
Karl-Elias Olsen Planning of Greenland Artists’ Organization     E Greenland Museum
Borca Pavicevic Somewhere between Utopia, Compromise, and Post-modern C     FR Jugoslavia Drama
Luíz Francisco Rebello The impact of new technologies in the cultural field and the protection of authors's rights   T E Portugal Writer
Francisco Lopez-Sacha Used Paper Writers C   E Cuba Writer
Alexander Shurbanov Security for the artist: At what Price?     E Bulgaria Poet
Ture Sjölander Three papers C T E Australia Art
Oleysa Turkina Russia in Search of New Identity
Art Identifies Conflict
C     Russia Editor
Neshe Yashin The Choice for Both C     Cyprus Poet

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