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Towards a Cultural Agenda 21
This is the final report from the KLYS World Conference on Culture 1998. The report presents the conference final document and other statements together with the main conference papers. Here you find summarized reports from the discussions and also some background documents as for example the Action Plan presented by the UNESCO Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development, held in Stockholm at the same time.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
Preface 7

Acknowledgements 11

The conference 13

Conference Programme 63

Conference Papers 67

Final Declaration 68
Towards a Cultural "Agenda 21" 70
Message to the UNESCO Conference 73
And then? 75

Australia/Sweden - Conflict, Technology 84
Ture Sjölander
The future of our world hanging in the balance
The Impact of New Technologies on the Development of Culture

Bulgaria - Economy 90
Alexander Shurbanov
Security for the artist: At what Price?

Canada - Economy 97
Rex Deverell
Artists + Choice + Values + Survival

China - Economy 99
Zhang Jian Zhong
Contemporary Chinese Art in the World Cultural Scene

Cuba - Economy, conflict 109
Francisco Lopez-Sacha
Used Paper Writers

Cyprus - Conflict 114
Niki Marangou
A layer of sand

Cyprus - Conflict 118
Neshe Yashin
The Choice for Both

FR Jugoslavia - Conflict 124
Borca Pavicévic
Somewhere between Utopia, Compromise, and Post-modern

Georgia 128
Manana Dumbatze
M a n i f e s t o

Greenland - Economy 131
Karl-Elias Olsen
Planning of Greenland Artists' Organization

Iceland - Economy 133
Sigurdur A. Magnússon
A Persistent Dilemma

Israel - Conflict 139
Eran Baniel
"Go hence, to have more talks of these sad things"

Israel - Conflict 144
Sami Michael
The wish of the three profets

Lithuania - Economy 147
Vytautas Martinkus
Paradoxes of Lithuanian Arts and Culture

Mexico - Conflict 152
Homero Aridjis
Survival of Indigenous Cultures in Mexico

Norway - Economy 158
Bente Christensen
The Economic Status of the Writers - The Norwegian Situation

Pakistan - Conflict 166
Sarwat Mohiuddin
The Role of Culture in Areas of Conflict

Palestine - Conflict 171
Izzat Ghazzawi
The role of Culture in Areas of Conflict

Poland - General 176
Jerzy Woziwodzki
The status of the artists

Portugal - Technology, economy 179
Dr. Luíz Francisco Rebello
The impact of new technologies in the cultural field and the protection of authors' rights

Romania - Economy 182
Mihail-Cristian Lotreanu
The Romanian Art Labour Market and the European Union Security

Russia - Economy 184
Tamara Karsian
The Artists' Economic Status in Russia As per example of performers

Russia - Conflict 189
Olessia Turkina
Russia in Search of New Identity Art Identifies Conflict

The Same Area - Conflict 194
Jon Eldar Einejord
The situation of the Samis

Sweden - Technology 196
Peter Curman
The Digital Revolution or How to Give New Life to Gutenberg!

Sweden - General 202
Bernt Lindberg
What is culture today? What can it be tomorrow?

Turkey - Conflict 206
Sezer Duru
Not Wars But Cultures Should Spark One Another

Turkey - Conflict 210
Muhsin Kisilkaya
A common cultural heritage prevents civil war

Conference Participants 217

Appendixes 261

Appendix 1
The Islamabad Declaration 262
The Islamabad Declaration

Appendix 2
KLYS' comments to "Our Creative Diversity" 266
Official comment of The Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals (KLYS) on the UNESCO report "Our Creative Diversity"

Appendix 3
ECA's comments to the UNESCO agenda 274
ECA's comments to items on the agenda of the UNESCO conference in Stockholm on Cultural Policies for Development

Appendix 4
The Power of Culture 281
Action Plan for Cultural Policies for Development


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